Lied Assisted Living Apartments

QLI’s Lied Assisted Living Apartments are designed to provide individuals with moderate cognitive and/or physical needs with the type of periodic, specialized support necessary for them to live as independently as possible.  These 52 private apartments are offered as either studio or one-bedroom units.  Each spacious apartment contains a private bathroom and shower as well as a kitchenette with a sink, microwave, and refrigerator.  The four wings of QLI’s Assisted Living apartments each feature a small lounge, and are centrally connected by a large community space, where residents can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, as well as an exciting array of social and community events.  Assisted Living residents also have daily access to all of the incredible amenities, activities and resources of the adjacent Durham Center (insert hyperlink to DC tour) located just down the hall.

  • diningroom
  • lounge
  • AlsRoom